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Teacher of the Year Candidates

Teacher of the Year Candidates

Field is Narrowed to Eight

Akron Public Schools annual Teacher of the Year quest has announced the eight teachers who will be competing in May for the honor of APS Teacher of the Year.

Introduced at the March 27 school board meeting, they are:

Elementary (see picture to the left)
Anna Taylor - King CLC - MD Classroom
Toby Liechty-Clifford - Stewart ELP - Instructional Specialist
Carol Rodenbucher - McEbright CLC - Instructional Specialist
Meghan Arsenault - Glover CLC - SAIL Unit (Students with Adapted Individualized Learning)



Alexis Proskovec- Litchfield CLC  - MD Classroom
Christine Milcetich - Firestone CLC - Science instructor
Laura Pearce - Hyre CLC - Math Instructor
Allison Munson - Garfield CLC  - Social Studies Instructor

  • Firestone CLC
  • Garfield CLC
  • Glover CLC
  • Hyre CLC
  • King CLC
  • Litchfield CLC
  • McEbright CLC
  • Stewart ELP