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September Community Events Recap

September Community Events Recap

Crouse CLC started their year off with so many special events for our scholars thanks to our amazing community members! 

In August, Open House this year was made extra special with the help of United Centenary Methodist Church. The church donated a food truck for our scholars and families to enjoy food after completing their scavenger hunt. Thank you to Pastor Tibbs and the members of United Centenary for feeding our families! Pictured below is Student Ambassador Kalani I. (3rd grade) carrying ice for the food truck during Open House. United Centenary Methodist Church and Crouse CLC are partnering to foster more community and family involvement in our school, and this is the first of many collaborations to come!

Kalani I. helping United Methodist Church at Open House

Akron native, Kenny "Jo-Jo" Smith, kicked off the school year with a special PBIS assembly for all K-5 students. Coach Jo-Jo spoke about developing your character in school and reinforced the concept through a variety of engaging games in the gymnasium. The kids learned many lessons about leadership and teamwork while cheering on their peers. Our student ambassadors who serve on the Special Events Team and the PBIS Team ensured that the assembly ran smoothly. 

PBIS Assembly with Coach JoJo
Coach JoJo and Student Ambassadors

Coach Jo-Jo also spoke at our annual Father's/Family Walk. Thank you to all of our families who were able to walk their students to school and enjoy refreshments with us. All families took home a book written by Coach Jo-Jo titled "I'm Watching" and a Father's Walk pledge. 

Father's Walk 2023

Finally, Tammy Turner, Akron's first Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, visited Crouse CLC on October 5th for a special read-aloud with the Kindergarteners. She talked about her important leadership role in our city and what it means to be a leader. She also read the book "I Will Be Fierce" by Bea Birdsong and encouraged our Kindergartners to grow as brave leaders. Thank you to Mrs. Michelle Mellor for setting up this read-aloud. 

Tammy Turner reads %22I Will Be Fierce!%22

Thanks again to all of our families and community partners for a great start to our school year. We are looking forward to all of the fun events coming in October, including Family Night on October 26th!